News Sep. 01, 2014

Four new members appointed to the Board of Trustees

On September 1, four new members were appointed to the 14-member Board of Trustees of the Volkswagen Foundation.

Dennis L. Meadows at the podium.
Event report Nov. 28, 2012

Herrenhausen Symposium "Already Beyond? – 40 Years Limits to Growth"

40 years ago, the Volkswagen Foundation funded the study "Limits to Growth". To celebrate this anniversary, 150 scientists, including Dennis Meadows, one of the authors of the study, met on November 28 and 29, 2012, in Herrenhausen to discuss current and future problems of globalization.

Funding offer

Call "Challenges and Potentials for Europe: Intergenerational Futures"

The call "Challenges and Potentials for Europe: Intergenerational Futures" is aimed at international research groups from the social sciences, cultural studies and humanities. Call is closed